Few Do’s and Dont’s to be Followed while Going for Shopping

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July and August every year are the months of “SALES” and who does not prefers to shop a lot. there are favorite clothing at a less price, right?. So most of the people prefer a lot of shopping during these months, so let’s see some of the do’s and dont’s to be followed while going for the “SALE” shoppings.


  • Make a List of outfits or accessories you want to buy.
  • Take fixed amount of money.
  • Go for the close which have Grasped you at the first look, because those are the clothes which won’t be there later.
  • consider the clothes in your wardrobe and matching of colors with them.
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  • Don’t do window shopping, just follow your list and shop according to your requirements.
  • Don’t buy if they don’t fit perfectly as there are lot more varieties waiting for you.
  • Don’t buy the clothes which are the best sellers because you don’t want to regret seeing it on another person visiting the same place as yours.
  • If you want to buy more, don’t shop the maximum rated clothes go for the cheaper and the best ones in latest trends.
  • Don’t compromise with the clothes that are little damaged or stained in the SALE clothes there are lot more choice to choose.
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I hope these some of the do’s and dont’s which I noticed would be in help of you at least in a few situations.

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“HAPPY SHOPPING” guys, hoping you won’t waste even a penny of your shopping cash and don’t be unsatisfied with the things you shopped keep shopping and stay stylish people.

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