How to Start Career in Fashion Designing in India 2022?

How to Start Career in Fashion Designing in India 2022: designing is all about how you put your creativity and introduce a new fashion trend in the market. In India, fashion designing has been gaining popularity from a long time. If you are planning to start your career in this field, then I must tell you that you are on the most creative and amazing path where you can enjoy your work and at the same time set a new standard of fashion in India.

Fashion designing is an art to design the lifestyle accessories and clothes that can lift up the confidence of the person and make him/her look the best. This is generally influenced by social and cultural attitudes and has evolved considerably from a long time. Right form designer clothes worn by royal people to the branded couture products, fashion designing has come a long way. In India, starting up your career in this field can be the best way to create your own identity. If you have the ability to design and put your style and creativity in a good sense, then this career is right for you. It is one of the most glamorous and appealing career options in today’s world that try to satisfy both, the materialistic needs and at the same time creative demands of the people.

However, this demanding career needs a proper blend of creativity and professionalism with good managerial skills to set up in the industry and grow. If you have skills to play with colors and make some magic with designs and shapes, then simply do a professional course to get going in this successful career.

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How to Start Career in Fashion Designing in India

Create your Personality

You must have heard the names of popular Indian fashion designers like Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Neeta Lulla, Nikhil and Krishna Mehta, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Hemant Trivedi, J.J Walya, Shahab Durazi to name a few. Their journey to achieve success was not so easy and the same would be for you. What matters the most is how you represent your art and yourself to the world so that they can take an interest in your styles of designing.

You need to create your personality by carrying an artistic approach. Be creative and good enough to express your ideas in sketches. It is not necessary that you need to be a brilliant artist, but you should have the sense of color combination and put up the tones properly. I would personally recommend you to study more about the fabrics and have that flair of creating an art with it. Try to expertise yourself in using the textiles effectively. Focus in creating your visual imagination that would be loved by the client.

Understand the Market

To become a good fashion designer, maintaining the relation with customers and the market is extremely important. You must be fashion conscious and have the knowledge about different market requirements. To have a good international perspective, try to read more of fashion magazines, make a good homework on fashion by searching some good online information and look out for the journals by which you can get a clear idea on how you can stay for long in the fashion market.

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Visit different galleries and improve your interaction with the artists who are good into traditional field and get some tips from them. You must have the basic knowledge of tailoring skill like draping, cutting and of course, sewing. Don’t simply just read books and look for the images. Try to practice more on your own by differentiating between the quality of the fabric used.

It is extremely important to keep an eye on the changing fashion trend and know the market and customer lifestyle. This will help you to design the clothes for the people just the way they want. In this field, attributes like being an inventive and originality matters the most.

Make yourself Qualified

To give a kick start to your career in fashion designing, there are 2 skills that are need which are natural skills and the acquired one. The natural skills include creativity, aesthetic sense, color coding and sense of fashion. For the client, a designer would be like a guidance who would help him/ her to figure out the comfort level, taste and preferences. To become a good fashion designer, you need to have the knowledge of fabrics and their quality.

Next comes the acquired skills for which you need to apply to a recognized and reputable fashion institute. You can either apply for full time or part time course. You can switch to this career after 10th or even after 12th. Generally, people pursue for this option after 12th. Institute generally offers the courses that offer the creative and technical thinking skills to brush up your imaginary level.

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Some of the popular institutes in India are given below:

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) located in various cities PAN India.
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc.
Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai.
National institute of Fashion Design (Nifd) which has a presence in Delhi, Mumbai Chandigarh, Rajasthan and MP.
National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, etc.

Know Different Courses to Expertise

There are many courses out of which you can choose the one of your interest. The duration of these courses generally vary from 6 months to 3 years depending on the institute. These courses cover tte issues of production management, clothing technology, apparel designing, fashion merchandising and many more.

In India, the increasing scope of fashion designing and use of variety of materials and textiles have now made the availability for the fashion designers to explore it in the local markets. To start up your career in this field, ensure that you visit these places. India has now become a prominent place due to the availability of hand loom fabrics, unique embroidery patterns and dazzling dyes. To gain fame in Indian fashion designing, make sure that you follow the above mentioned all tips and keep on acquiring knowledge about this field. All you need to work on is, improving the creative skills to easily put your ideas into fabric and dress.

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