Best Nail Art Designs Ideas in 2022: An Ultimate Guide to Nail Art.

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Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs Ideas in 2022: In the modern era of increasing passion for fashion, art and fashion have not been limited to just face, feet, and clothing but they also incorporate decorating your nails now.

An Ultimate Guide to Best Nail Art designs Ideas 2022

What is a nail?

Now, what is a nail? Well, maybe everybody knows the physical meaning of nails but not many know their chemical and physical composition and what material is made of? Now, a fingernail itself, as we all know is a non-living part of the human body. But actually, it is made up of some living cells of the human body. These cells are the skin cells that are mostly present in the finger or sometimes palm. Now, a fingernail has different parts that are as follows:

  • The first part is that portion of the nail that is visible to us and is called the “nail plate.”
  • The part of the nail that is beneath the nail plate cannot be seen unless (ripped off from the finger) and is called the “nail bed.”
  • Now, there is a tissue that rims the nail base and overlaps the upper part of the nail, the nail plate. That tissue is called, “cuticle.”
  • As you see, nails are covered on three sides by the skin folds but open from one side (where we can cut the nails). So, the skin folds covering the nail are called as the “nail folds.”
  • The base of the nail comprises of a semi-circle base white in color that portion of the nail is called “the lunula.”
  • The last part- hidden portion of nail lying beneath the cuticle is called the “matrix.”

Growth and composition of nail

The growth of the fingernails starts from the matrix. Now, when we talk about the chemical composition of fingernails, then we come to know that the most abundant material in the nails is keratin. Keratin is a hardened protein that is also present in the hairs in the skin. As the growth of new cells takes place in the matrix, the older cells get pushed out.

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They are compressed and form the hardened and flat form of the fingernail. The growth rate of nails depends largely upon age, season, and gender. According to a study, the fingernails grow faster among the younger people, in the males and summer season. As compared to the toenails, the fingernails have a faster growth rate.

What is nail art?

Now, what is nail art? As fashion sense increased and people became more conscious of their appearance, they also decided to decorate their nails and formed many nail designs. The decoration of fingers or toenails in a creative way and making different types of nails design is called nail art.

what is nail art, simple nail art designs
Simple nail art designs

The beauty salons started providing nail art services, and now, nail art is known to be a fashion activity. In this type of art, you may be drawing different designs and pictures on your pretty nails. In the modern era, fingernails and toenails are also seen as some important elements of beauty and so is increased the need to decorate them and keep them in the best form.

What is nail art design?

The nails design is such a fashion activity that is associated with manicuring. Nail bars are commercial shops that specifically target the decoration of nails. The nail bars provide you with several services that are related to the decoration of your nails so that you may find your pretty nails. Now, there are different ways in which you can perform your nail art or get it done at a beauty salon or nail bar. These are mentioned as follows:

  • The main service or the best-selling one is the acrylic nails that are already imprinted with a design and can be simply stuck on the top of natural nails. The acrylic nails are a powder-liquid mixture that starts getting hard in just 30 to 40 seconds after applying to the nails. It gets perfectly hard in about fifteen minutes. This is not a replacement of your nail, rather just an extension for your natural nail. To remove it, we can use many solvents. The most commonly used solvent is acetone, and it requires about 20 minutes to remove the nail.
  • Another common method of decorating and protecting the nails is by using the nail polish. Nail polish, also known as nail varnish is a lacquer that is spread upon the toenails and the fingernails to decorate them and sometimes also for protective purposes. The nail polish is composed of such a coating that links the chains of polymers leading them to some distance and thus forming a flexible film as soon as it gets dried. Thus, the nail polish allows some resistance to the cracking or peeling that may be caused by nail’s natural movement.
  • There is another material that is used to make artificial nails. It is a polymer resin called the UV Top Coat which, when exposed to the UV light, starts hardening. It may be more efficient, but it is also a lot more expensive. You cannot remove this type of artificial nail with any solvent. It requires filing or is left to grow along with your natural nail.
  • We have witnessed a growing trend of nail art from a subculture to high fashion. This is the reason that in January 2022, a proper Museum of Nail Art “Nail polish” was founded so that the different nail art designs may be shared between the nail artists. Nowadays, there are nail polishes with some innovative designs that decorate your pretty nails in a lot better manner. Many such designs shall be explained later in the article.
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How many types of nail art designs are available?

Now, if we talk about the number of nail art designs, then it is certainly not possible to count them all. But yes, we can certainly pick out some of the best nail art designs for you.

Nail polish-nail art designs

There are many brands that have introduced different nail art ideas by offering innovative and inspiring effects in their nail polishes to create new kinds of nail art designs that are impressive and attractive.

  • Some brands have introduced new textures in their nail polishes, and this has turned out to be a pretty easy nail art Just like “caviar” that contains velvet powder or micro-beads that are applied just as the nail is going to dry. This type of texture will present a sand effect because of the nail polish containing such particles.
  • There are certain nail polishes that provide you with a holographic effect. When they are provided with an exposure of the sunlight, they reflect a rainbow.
  • There is another effect called the thermochromic nail effect. In this effect, the nail polish changes color as soon as the temperature changes. So, it will have a different color in hot atmosphere and a totally different one in a cool atmosphere.
  • One of the fundamentals of the nail art is the Inverse French Manicure. In this type of nail art, the root of the nail has the half-moon decorated in one color while the rest of the nail is decorated with a different color.
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Other nail art designs

Now, it is not compulsory and not even wise to just copy designs from the internet. Why not make other types of designs just as you like? Bring in your own nail art ideas and become a nail artist. All the nail art designs prevalent today had also been designed by a creative mind and so do you have. Take an idea from these impressive examples and do it the way you like.

  1. Don’t just limit yourself to the nail polish. You can even bring in other items. For example, you can have the real feathery nail art design. You will require polish and also some real feathers to get the perfect nail art style. This nail art design is a bit harder than the average manicure but yes, you can improve your skills by following this design and can ultimately get a very good nail art design.
  2. Single stripe is also a very trending and impressive design where you first apply any shade and wait for some days so that its bright white shade has gone. As soon as the shade disappears, you can simply draw a single thin line in a nail per hand. This is a very easy nail art pretty much suitable for the beginners.
  3. A jewelry inspired manicure is one of the best manicure nail art designs available to you. Just incorporate the matching jewelry design in your nail polish.
  4. An inspiring nail art design is to mimic the appearance of the stained glass windows. Have an angular manicure and decorate your nails with the impressive stained glass windows design. You may also add some glitter to the angular design to spark the appearance to a bit more extent.

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