Top 5 Fashion Designing Colleges in India 2022

Best fashion design colleges in india (Top 5 fashion designing colleges in india): It has not been very long since fashion designing was set as a professional stream of formal education.

It all started in 1986 with the induction of National Institute of fashion Technology under the patronage of the Ministry of textiles. Since then, there have been a number of fashion schools that came and went through the course of time. Some remained, did well, are still doing the right work and some vanished. Some were trend-setters, with alumnus that brought fame to the institutions and contributed hugely to the fashion industry and some were pioneering, setting the light for the future fashion schools to be formed.

Here, we will have a look at the pioneers, the fashion schools that set the path for way fashion designing education in India these days.

Following are the institutes that I feel Best colleges for Fashion Designing in India:

List of Fashion Designing institutes in India – Top 5 fashion designing colleges in India.

National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT)
Est.- 1986

If you are looking for Government Fashion Designing Colleges in India,
NIFT is no doubt the stone on which the foundation of this industry is based. Formed under the Ministry of textile, it can be seen as the first path-breaking institution that led to the formalization of fashion designing as a science, that needs to be learned professionally like any other science. Both graduate and undergraduate courses are offered and it remains the most craved fashion school to be admitted in, in India. It is also the Best colleges for Masters in Fashion Designing in India. Known for its list of famed alumni of world class designers like Sabyasachi, Ritu Beri, it offers courses in many different niches and has its prime center in New Delhi.

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NIFT receives some 20000 applications every year for just 2000 of its positions throughout the country and is truly a pioneer in the field of fashion education.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology
Est.- 1988

JD institute is one prominent name in the field of fashion design education in India. It came shortly after the NIFT, and is just two years younger to it. It is currently spread in 12 cities over the country and offers a variety of professional courses in fashion designing pertaining to niches like jewellery, shoes, garments, fashion business management and merchandising. The institute had its first branch in Mumbai, a city known for the existence of some of India’s most fashionable people, the film industry is based here, remember? JD institute no doubt remains one of the most sought-after institutes for the thousands of aspirants for the fashion industry. With more than 14 years of its experience in imparting professional fashion education, JD institute stands very strongly as an imminent pioneer in this field.

Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology(NIIFT)
Est.- 1995

The fact that NIIFT is mostly spread in the northern part of the country and that it was established quite late after the NIFT and JD institute came into existence does not make it any less important an institute in the arena of fashion design education. It was established in the year 1995 in Mohali, a prominent city in Punjab. The department of industries and commerce of Punjab Government led its initiation and since then, the institute has been imparting quality education to thousands of fashion designing aspirants from throughout the country.

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National Institute of Design(NID)
Est.- 1961

NID came into existence way before NIFT did. It was established in the year 1961 in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. It is internationally acclaimed for the fashion courses it offers.
NID is definitely much older than NIFT, but we still refer to the later as the prominent name in the names of pioneers. The reason is none other than the time of establishment of NIFT. It was an era when the fashion industry was on the verge of drastic changes. New experiments were encouraged and the social values were largely being changed. The outcome- NIFT got the fame it sees now and remains the prominent pioneer. NID is no less though. It remains as an autonomous institute for research, service and training for the fashion industry and is managed by the Government of India.

International Institute Of Fashion Technology(IIFT)
Est.- 1990

IIFT is yet another famed fashion school which was established in the early days of initiation of fashion education in India. It was the brain-child of prominent fashion technologist Ratnadeep Lal, a well known personality in the fashion industry for his work for the past three decades. A fashionist and educationists with a sharp eye for the new trends and world fashion gave the institute and the Indian fashion industry a prominent institute which has great courses to offer and is surely a name to reckon with.

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There are other well known institutes too, which have been around for quite long and have managed to do well in the field of imparting fashion designing knowledge. Some prestigious institutes that we’ve mentioned here may have led the foundation of fashion design education in the country but there are some other, a bit younger but already on their best. We will also visit these famous institutes through our journey to the best fashion design destinations in the country through this website. Just keep on reading till we are back with some new stuff for your knowledge.

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