Top 5 Fashionable Belts You Must Have in 2022

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A good attire is more about teaming it with right accessories to flaunt your favorite chic look than splurging all your earnings on highly expensive dresses. If you want to transform your usual dress into something extraordinary, be sure to stock these five belt styles that are going to adorn your outfit for the most rocking look:

Top 5 Fashionable Belts for Women.

Braided Belts

To accentuate your curves and add some texture, pair your braided belt with either a standard nautical ensemble or any gauzy sundress, this spring. Braided belts do not necessarily suggest that you have to adhere to rope styles only. Although rope-style braided belts are also a fine pick, you may want to move beyond the common and try out some metallic and silky braided belts too.

Obi Belts or Sash Belts

After being a big hit on the runways, be sure to make space for one of these beauties in your closet. Sash belts come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Wrap them around your waist to exhibit the oomph that otherwise lie hidden beneath your simplistic style, most of the time. Be sure to buy a sash belt that has a width of at least three inches for that ultimate sexy appeal.

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Red Belts

Red is no longer the slutty color. On the contrary, the boldness of this color can be best carried forth by a strong and independent women, who is confident in herself. When adorned with any perky buckle straps, chain insets, or any other such dazzling details, your red belt will make your oozing hotness a style statement in no time. Wear them over your complete-while ensemble or constrast it with your browns, your fashionable style is bound to be admired.

Metallic Belts in Gold

Let your gorgeous gold belt glamorise your “always-subtle” personality, for a change. The metallic shades of gold look simply stunning! Wear them with your fitted blazers or billowy tunics to become fashion fancy of many.

For others who are unwilling to let go of their standard personality in wake of fashion and are not much thrilled by the idea of wearing an all-gold belt, other striking colors of belts that have a few gold sequins, rivets, beads, or studs, can still be an amazing change.

Corset-Style Belts

This exclusive accessory gives an edge to your ideal Victorian dress. Evoking a romantic imagery and being adorned with vintage-inspired designs, like lace ribbons, and floral tapestry; Corset-style belts make your everyday outfit look extraordinary.

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